• Sustainability

    After seeing the massive support for launching and providing merch for several content creators, we here at Marrell Creative quickly decided to make a concerted effort to be as sustainable as possible and reduce the waste that we produce to an absolute minimum.

    On the logistics side of things, we ship exclusively with Australia Post and use their carbon offset on every shipment we send to make sure our footprint is as small as possible.

    On the packaging front, we are using compostable satchels, labels and garment bags so you can feed your garden with the packaging from your order, or it will degrade safely in a landfill, if you don’t compost.

  • Ethics

    Here at Marrell Creative we’re doing our best to make sure that all throughout our supply chain no one is being mistreated or taken advantage of. We’re all humans and we’re in this together.

    All of our printing and production is done here at Marrell Creative HQ in Perth, Australia.

    That’s all good and well, but we had to make sure the products and materials that we’re using reaches that same standard too. We found a brand that aligns with this practice incredibly well in AS Colour so we use them as our main apparel supplier. They are absolutely committed to making sure their entire production process is ethical and sustainable. If you’re interested in specifics, you can read about it here.